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Top tips for a waste-free Christmas

Top tips for a waste-free Christmas

Check out our top tips for a waste-free Christmas!

1. Buy pre-loved
Visit second-hand shops to find unique gifts that are built to last.
2. Make memories

Go for an experience – like a fancy meal out, a hot air balloon trip or spa day – rather than material things for an unforgettable gift.

3. Gifts to give and Ask for

Your family or friends could hold a Secret Santa to reduce waste and save money.

4. Wood is greener than plastic

Many children’s toys are made of plastic. Try opting for more traditional ones made of wood.

5. Wrap it up

So much paper is wasted during the festive season. Reduce it by creating your own using recycled or scrap paper.

6. Make things last                                                                    

Cut down on paper waste by sending e-cards or buying cards made from recycled paper.

7. Shop smart                                                                                                

Plan you meals before you go food shopping. Writing a list makes sure you don’t overbuy saves you money and prevents food waste.

8. Make natural decorations                                                                   

Ideally, we should all be reusing the same decorations every year but sometimes things need replacing. Why not go for a walk and gather up some pine cones and holly and create your own.